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 Top 6 Gujarati Marriage Songs
Ganesh Paat Besadiye - In Gujarati tradition any auspicious ceremony begins with the offering prayers to Lord Ganesha, as it is believed that he removes obstacles if any.
Manglashtak - Manglashtak is sung by the bride's mother to wish good fortune and happpiness to the newly weds!
Lado Ladi Jame Re - The bride and the groom make each other have 'Kansar' , a sweet.
Dhol Dhamakyan Ne - The bride places her right hand on the groom's right palm which symbolises the meeting of two souls in the marraige. In Gujarati it is called "Hastamelap" .
Pahelun Te Mangal - The bride and the groom oath by the holy fire and solemnise their marriage.

Dhire Re Chhedo - The bride's family with a heavy heart bids farewell to their daughter.


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